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Grant Crisis Management

Bring those neglected portfolios into compliance!

  • 1 hour
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Service Description

I often joke that research accounting is accounting, in 3D. Those familiar with grant accounting know that nothing is ever as it seems. Every change when cleaning up an account has a cascading impact on other accounts. Resolving a research financial crisis means looking at the big picture, while understanding how the granular details fit into that picture. It requires a knowledge of how, when and where every transaction connects to another. I excel at seeing the complexities, and understanding the actions needed to bring even the most catastrophic accounts into pristine, audit ready condition. I have decades of experience in account clean-up and it has become a real passion of mine! No one ever wants to be in a situation where grants have to be cleaned up. The ideal state is proactively managing expenses so accounts are compliant from day 1 till the end. But, that’s not the reality in our industry. In doing deep dive clean-ups, I have the unique opportunity to see the business processes and inefficiencies that lead to suboptimal grants management. I take what I learn in the clean-up phase to empower clients to set up best practices, procedures and SOPs to be in the driver’s seat of their research accounting. If you are struggling with research portfolios that are in need of clean-up, book a free, confidential consultation and let's see how I can help solve the problems you are facing today, and help build systems to prevent relapses in the future.

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