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About Us.

With over 20 years of professional experience in research administration, I am a highly driven Senior Research Administrative Consultant specializing in finance, compliance, and education. I have a proven track record of successfully managing diverse sponsored research accounts, including Federal, Private, Non-Profit, and Clinical, from submission to award.

As an expert problem solver, I excel in resolving complex financial challenges for research accounts that lack proper oversight and management. I ensure accounts are fiscally compliant, providing peace of mind to my clients. My corporate background has shaped me into a leader who believes in bottom-up management and is passionate about assisting aspiring professionals in setting and achieving their career goals.

One of my key strengths is crisis management. I oversee both small and large-scale clean-up initiatives and can establish updated written business processes tailored to the specific needs of your institution, while ensuring compliance and efficiency.


Professional Highlights


With extensive experience in cradle to grave pre and post award grants management, contract review, and research compliance, I have a  deep understanding of the rules that govern research administration which makes me highly effective at bringing even the most neglected portfilios into compliance. I have a reputation for establishing strong, collaborative, and solution-oriented relationships with faculty and management staff. My specialty is crisis management and I excel at clean-up and new business processes development to prevent relapse. I ensure my clients have clean, audit ready portfolios. I am a Co-Track Chair for NCURA PRA Compliance, Co-Chair of the NCURA Region 1 Spring Meeting, member of the NCURA Compliance Committee and regularly speak at conferences.

C Suite

Recruited to set the strategic direction and operations for an optical imaging and drug manufacturing company focused on using NIR fluorescent technology to identify tumors for surgical resection. Responsible for negotiating contracts with government agencies, developing all internal policies for human resources, safety, and finance. In addition, was responsible for developing and overseeing the Regulatory Affairs department for the development of a QMS system and initial steps required for ISO13485 certification for medical devices and rate negotiations and served as the signature official for the organization. 


Senior advisor and strategic financial planner to Physician Scientists at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, other Harvard affiliated institutions. Directed a team of research administrators supporting 150 investigators in 8 Departments and Divisions and over 400 million dollars per year. Provided key direction and curriculum development for several in house pipeline programs to train entry level Research Administrators and signing official for the institution. 

Finance & Administration

In addition to all the responsibilities for research administrator, served as strategic leader to develop and implement platforms to meet changing compliance requirements in research. Provided key leadership to train and onboard new research administrators. 

Primary administrative contact for assigned investigators providing financial, human resources and compliance support and strategy. Served as a liaison between research staff and hospital administration to facilitate compliant and financially stable research programs. 

Assisted the Administrative Director in managing the daily business and research operations of the department of Neurosurgery for 15-Harvard affiliated physicians at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital with a combined budget of $10M.

Things I love

All the professional stuff is important, but I believe the BEST outcomes are achieved not just thorough good experience, but also, interpersonal connection! So here are some of the unique things that make me, me!


80's music

A-ha, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears! If it came from the 80's chances are, I love it!


Walking in nature

I lost 50 LBS walking outside, its one of my favorite activities for inner peace and health.


House plants

I have 56 plants...and they are ALL still thriving. While that makes me happy, I'm sad to have no more room for new ones!


The beach

I love the ocean! But I will say, I am an ocean snob and prefer clear blue water to our New England ocean...



I LOVE The Food Network and when I have downtime, enjoy making tasty baked treats for my family. 


Disney World

My family and I LOVE taking trips to Disney and we try to go once a year. Hei Hei is my spirit animal..

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