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Portfolio Clean-up

Several of my projects were focused on cleaning up large research portfolios with 100+ grant accounts, under a single PI, from a variety of federal and non federal sponsors. This clean-up required a reconciliation of expenses back to each grants inception, reallocation of compensation and non compensation expenses to appropriate projects that benefited from the work, historical effort report corrections and reconciliation to final invoices and FFRs. 

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Expired Project Close-out/Clean-up

I have in depth experience in closing out old, expired federal and non federal research projects. Close out included review of posted GL expenses against filed reports, reallocation of expenses as appropriate, journal entries to match budget an expenses, reconciliation of payments to expenses and close out in financial systems. 

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Training & Development

With over 20 years experience in management, education and training, I have supported the development of new RAs as well as management and leadership coaching for seasoned RAs entering management. 

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Active Grants Management

Managing active portfolios requires allocation and approval of expenses to appropriate projects, processing of expense reports, routine financial reporting and ongoing progress reports to sponsors. I also have provided support in setting up new grant accounts, submitting applications, contract submission, human resources and deficit management. 

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Pre Award 

These activities include all aspects of compliance and budget development related to submitting new proposals to federal and non federal sponsors. 

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Strategic Planning & Process Improvement

One of the great advantages of cleaning up neglected grants and portfolios is that I can see the story of how grants got from clean to disaster. This unique perspective that only comes from a deep dive, allows me to provide effective solutions to prevent similar issue from occurring down the road. These solutions can range from portfolio size/workload evaluation, updated templates and tools supporting for routine tasks, updated SOPs and policies. 

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