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The road never ends, if we never start

Updated: Feb 16

Last week my family and I went to Walt Disney World in Florida to celebrate the birthday my youngest daughter and husband share. It was magical and amazing but also A LOT of walking.

For someone like me who spends 14 hours a day in front of a computer working, 30 miles in 4 days is no joke. My blisters had blisters!!!

At the end of one very long night, my youngest and I were the last of our family at Epcot. We rode TONS of rides and had a blast, but we were tired by the end.

Finally, it was late and we were walking to the buses to head to our hotel. My feet were sore and my back was killing me, but we held hands and made our way through Epcot, past the giant ball, through the exit to the bus. We see the bus filling up and panic that we will miss it, so we RUN and somehow, make it without injury LOL #winning.

Anyways, we are on the bus and about 10 seconds into the ride I look back and I see just how far we had walked. I could see Epcot in the distance, the ball so very far from where we were now and I thought, how on EARTH did I just make that walk with my feet and back hurting THIS much?

I told my daughter to look, and her eyes got huge and she was like. WOW. I did NOT think we walked that far! If she and I had actually realized how far it was that we had to go, I think we would have been MISERABLE and I definitely would have doubted I would make it LOL.

In that moment I realized how this was so applicable to life.

Sometimes the dreams we have, and the goals we set seem so huge, it's like we are staring up at Everest and it's too daunting, too big and too overwhelming to contemplate. But all we need to do is set the goal (in this case, getting to the bus), take one step, followed by the next. When we feel pain or soreness or hit a wall, we remind ourselves, we have someplace to be and we have already come so far, we just need to keep going. Maybe we adjust our shoes, maybe we limp a little, maybe we hold someones hand for support, but we find a way to keep going. Then, we see the goal, it's RIGHT there. We make that LAST push, and suddenly, we've made it. We are on the bus and the journey is behind us, and we get to sit down, and enjoy the ride.

Having big dreams, and big goals can be scary, overwhelming and in many cases we overthink and let fear prevent us from taking even one step. We bail before we even give ourselves a chance. In our minds we have already predicted we will fall down, get hurt, be sore, but in the end EVEN if those things happen, we can STILL make the bus.

Moral of the story. Don't get in your own way. Success takes work, but don't overthink it to the point where you are sitting in Epcot till you die because the bus seemed too far away. Set the goal and start walking.

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